Personalized First Dance Tutorials

I was nervous about going into a dance studio. Then I found First Dance Online! I basically learned my whole first dance in my pajamas ;)
— Karen Z., Yelp

How It Works

With personalized online dance tutorials, you'll receive a video once a week for a designated time period of 4, 6 or 8 weeks. Your videos will include demos and instructions for basic steps, highlights, intros and endings for your first dance, along with answers to the questions that came up between your last and current video. 

What's Included:
1) First dance demonstrations & instruction personalized to your goals, visions, and concerns.
2) Notes & communication with your instructors addressing your questions, challenges, and desires.
3) Unlimited access for the duration of your plan + 1 month after your last video.


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How to Get Started

Choose Your Duration and Purchase Your Tutorials

Once you've purchased your tutorials, we'll send you a detailed questionnaire to get the conversation going and guide our first video lesson. From there, all communication will happen via email or video! If you need more info before you dive in, check out our FAQ

Personalized Tutorials
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Have questions or want more info?

How many videos will we need?

The number of videos varies greatly based on how often you’re available and how quickly you progress through the tutorials. Personalized tutorial plans range between 4 and 8 videos and are dispersed once a week. You can always add more videos to your package. We see these numbers as good starting points. You decide what’s right for you!

How can you personalize videos if you never meet us?

Before you purchase personalized tutorials, you’ll have the ability to speak with a teacher, either in person or over the phone, for a preliminary consultation where you and the instructor can chat about the details.

What will we cover at our first meeting?

When you meet your instructor for the first time, either in-person or over the phone, you’ll go over the following details:

  • Your specific vision for your first dance (we’ll send you a detailed questionnaire prior to our meeting so that everyone feels prepared!)

  • Your timeline and schedules

  • A general outline of what we can plan to cover in the video tutorials

  • Any concerns you have about learning from video

Do we need to have a first dance song picked before starting tutorials?

Yes! In order to guide our tutorials, you need to have picked a first dance song to pursue. This will dictate the style of dance we’ll be doing, any specific choreography, and how we plan out your lessons.

How frequently do we get new videos?

You will receive videos once a week for 4, 6 or 8 weeks.

Can I change my plan once I’ve started?

You are always welcome to add more videos to your program, but we do not offer refunds for pre-purchased videos.

How long is each video?

Each week, you'll receive either one video from your instructor (ranging between 10 and 30 minutes). These videos can be accessed at any time from anywhere. We’ll send you a link to your personal page on our website or to a Google Drive account.

How often should we practice?

We recommend practicing at least once between videos, but daily is the best. If you find that you can’t practice between videos, you can save your videos for later and access them as you have time.

Will we interact with a teacher between videos?

After your initial consultation, all of your communication with your teacher will be via video and email. Accompanying each video will be short written notes addressing what we’ll cover in the video. Any email communication you send to us will be answered on the day of your next scheduled video. No phone calls or in-person conversations are included in this plan. If you need in-person communication, please schedule an in-studio lesson or a video-call lesson.

What if we are having trouble learning from the video?

If you're having difficulty learning the steps from the videos, these things usually help

  1. Pause the video after each piece of the step and work through each moment piece-by-piece

  2. Watch the video (or step) at least 3 times without mimicking the movement

  3. Ask your partner to watch you and compare what you’re doing to the video

  4. Once you think you’ve gotten the movement, watch the entire tutorial again and see what you might need to improve upon.

What if we want more/different moves?

Since these videos are personalized for you, we welcome feedback! Let us know if there’s moves that don’t quite feel like “you” or if there are elements you’re dying to include. Just keep in mind that learning movement takes time, and most moves won’t feel good when you first try them, so give them some time to incorporate into your body before making any strict judgments!

Do we get to pick what moves we learn?

We’ll create moves and sequences that best fit you as a couple, your music and your desires; however, if you have a specific vision for the dance, we’ll try our best to speak to that vision. Since we’re making tutorials to suit your needs, if there are specific things you’d like to learn, just let us know!

How much space do we need?

Ideally, you’ll practice in a space that’s similar in size to your dance floor, but most people (especially those living in the city) do not have access to large spaces. So you might have to move some furniture around, but no space is ever really too small! Some students have found additional practice space at their gym, in their building’s party room, or on their patio.

Do we need special equipment?

No special equipment is necessary: just a solid internet connection and some time to focus. We recommend a screen larger than a cell phone to watch the videos, but it’s totally up to you. With a larger screen, you may be able to see details more easily, but if you watch you your phone, you have the option to view on the go: on your morning commute, in the waiting room, before you fall asleep. So really, anything that works for you is great!

Can I share these videos?

These videos are for your viewing solely. Only you and your partner are licensed to watch the videos.

How long will I have access?

Once you gain access to the videos and supplemental materials, you have access for the duration of your plan plus an entire month after the last video is sent.

What if I forget my moves after access ends?

Reach out to us to regain access to your videos. There is a small administrative fee of $19.99 per month to re-enter your video archive after your plan has ended.

Will you create full choreography for us?

We can definitely create full choreography. Given the detail and breadth of this challenge, we ask that couples working towards choreography commit to no less than 8 videos (either weekly or bi-weekly) to ensure enough time for learning material, reworking issues, and gaining feedback.

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