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We learned an elegant first dance from First Dance Online!
— Hope E., Yelp

What's Included in the Free Program

  1. 12 First Dance Videos with demonstrations & instruction for basic steps, some spins and an intro and ending that fit with your song.

  2. Two guides explaining the process and how to construct your first dance.

  3. Unlimited access to the tutorials.

For more info, check out our FAQ or give us a call.


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Just Wanna Talk to Someone?

Will we interact with a teacher?

Email and phone conversations are not included with the recorded first dance tutorials. If you need help with your dance, reach out to schedule a Skype lesson or an in-studio lesson to work through any issues you might be having!

What if we are having trouble learning from the video?

If you're having difficulty learning the steps from the videos, these things usually help:

  1. Pause the video after each part of the step and work through each moment piece-by-piece

  2. Watch the video (or step) at least 3 times without mimicking the movement

  3. Ask your partner to watch you and compare what you’re doing to the video

  4. Once you think you’ve gotten the movement, watch the entire tutorial again and see what you might need to improve upon.

What if we want more/different moves?

Additional levels of each type of dance are available, if you’d like to add more moves to your arsenal! You can also sign up for a skype or in-studio lesson to learn more movement or polish the steps you already have.

Do we get to pick what moves we learn?

All of the recorded tutorials come as specific sets of moves related to the song you’re dancing to and the level of complexity you would like to pursue. You’re welcome to decide amongst the set of tutorials you’ve purchased what moves you would like to include in your dance, but all video tutorials are purchased as part of a set.  

How frequently should we practice?

As often as possible! Most students find the most success when they can learn and practice at least once a week, if not more. Since you purchase a month of access, try to get thru all the tutorials in that time.

How much space do we need?

In the most ideal world, you would be able to practice in as much space as you’ll have on the wedding day, but realistically, you don’t need that much (or probably have that much!). Clear as much space as you can (even if you have to shift your coffee table) to ensure that you don’t feel cramped. Some students have found practice space available at their gym, in their building’s conference room, or on their apartment patio!  

Do we need special equipment?

All you need is a solid internet connection and a way to stream the videos. While you can definitely use your iPhone, we recommend a screen that’s slightly bigger so that you can see the details of the video.

Can I share these videos?

All videos are for your consumption only, and cannot be shared with others.

How long will I have access?

From the day you sign up, you’ll have complete access for as long as you’d like. That doesn’t mean you should put off learning. It’s much better to start in advance so you’re not stressed out right before your wedding.

Will you create full choreography for us?

The recorded dance tutorials only include basic dance steps that create an entire first dance when put together with the music. No specific choreography or song coordination is included.

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