First Dance Lesson

The Box Underarm Turn


Another Spin!

Well, it’s really more of a walking turn, but it’s still exciting! Another element to add to your first dance to keep in exciting for your wedding guests. :)

How often should we do the spin?

Great question! Keep in mind that adding a spin should be a special moment in the song, so sprinkle spins sparingly throughout the dance. Remember, we want the spin to be a “wow” moment, and if you do it too often, it loses its impact.

I can’t get my footwork!

This one has some more intricate footwork than spins we’ve looked at in the past! If you’re having trouble, try pausing the video and working through that part a bit more slowly. If it seems like a hopeless mess, there is an alternative! After the leader steps back and signals the spin, they can simply stand in place for a moment, and let the follower come back to them. While keeping both partner’s feet moving in unison creates a nice unison moment, it’s totally possible for the follower to execute the spin alone, and simply return to the leader at the end.