First Dance Lesson

The Box Step


Basic #2

Why Two Basics?

Two is always better than one! By having two different basic steps, we can add more variety to our dancing and be sure to have a step that fits to almost any kind of music. For some songs, both steps can work, giving us double the amount of dance steps we can perform to that song! For other songs, only one style might feel good, so it’s best to know both!

What’s the “Box Step?”

The box step fits to a variety of music and feels more complicated than the side basic (which makes it feel much more fun!). It can be made to fit to classics such as Sinatra & Dean Martin, or modified to work with contemporary hits such as Michael Jackson or Justin Timberlake. All in all, it’s a good one to know!

Will it always look so square (i.e. “stuffy”)?

No! The good news is that the next video will teach you how to rotate your box step so that it becomes infinitely more interesting! Master the straight version first, then get ready to move in the next video!