First Dance Lesson

The Basic with Rotation


No More Side-to-Side

Well, that’s not 100% accurate. You’ll still be doing the same footwork, but rotating it clockwise, so it’ll feel like a completely new step. This will become the new “basic” for your first dance, so once you learn how to rotate, forget that it was ever square!

Why Rotate the Basic Step?

You don’t have to rotate the step, but it looks far more dynamic and natural to have it moving around the space rather than remaining square. Most people also find that it also feels more natural to have some rotational movement added to the basic step.

How Exactly do You Rotate the Step?

Don’t overthink rotation! Start by dancing your basic step straight, then slowly start to step around to the Leader’s left as you keep going side to side. Remember to hold your frame steady and keep your center aligned with your partner so that you can stay together throughout the rotation!

I’m Having Trouble Rotating. Help!

Rotation not working? Try rotating a little less, and slowly ramping up the rotation as it feels more comfortable. If it’s still not working, try looking out into the room, making sure to see the whole room as you turn in one continuous direction (even though your feet keep changing direction!).

Good Luck!