First Dance Lesson

The Dip


End With a Bang!

This is your final chance to impress your audience! While you don’t need to end your dance with a dip, using it as a final pose is a nice way to wrap up the dance and signal to your audience that your dance is drawing to a close.

How Long Should We Hold The Dip?

Make sure to hold the position for 2-3 seconds to ensure that everyone can see an appreciate it! Also consider what the music sounds like leading up to the end: should you do a slow, soft descent into the dip? or should you do a speedy motion that emphasizes the energy? Practice moving into and out of the dip with different speeds so that you can imitate the energy of the song in that moment.

Can My Partner Actually Dip Me?

While we know it can be scary to trust your partner with your body weight, if you follow the directions of the video, they should be able to hold you! Be sure that as you’re learning this move, you have plenty of space to test it out (wouldn’t want any collisions with the furniture!) and you go slow to start. You can always speed things up when you feel comfortable, but this is one where you’ll want to take extra cautions to ensure everyone feels good!

Where Should We Look When We Dip?

We always recommend continuing to look at each other as you go for the dip! Of course you can check out the audience and decide that you want to look out into the crowd, but it’s a nice intimate moment that you may want to just have with each other.