First Dance Lesson

A Step to Transition Between the Box and Side Basic


Connect Your Two Basics

Do We Need Both Basics?

The simple answer is no. If one of the basics feels like it doesn’t fit to your song or if you don’t feel confident with one of the basic steps, there’s no reason you need to do both. However, the more variety your dance has, the more interesting it may be to watch and dance (that is, if it’s danced confidently and well!). If it works with the music, you should try incorporating both basics. If you get further into practicing and it seems that doing both basics isn’t working, you can always switch back to doing just one, but why not challenge yourself to start!

Do the Basics Rotate the Same Way?

No! The box step rotates counter-clockwise, while the side basic rotates clockwise. It’s easy to get confused and rotate them in the same direction, so make sure you’re conscious of your directions as you change!

How Do I Know When To Switch?

Ultimately, it’s up to you as to when you want to switch between basics. Keep in mind that the change will be another moment that will feel “special,” so it works best when you use the transition to highlight a change in the song. Generally, we suggest that people use one basic for the “verse” parts of the song and the other basic for the “chorus.”