First Dance Lesson

The Entrance/Intro


First Impressions Matter!

So make sure your first dance makes a good one! Nothing says, “We didn’t really prepare for this” like a fumbly, uncoordinated beginning, which is why it’s important to consider the details of starting the dance.

Do We Have To Do All the Circling?

If the circling in the video feels like too much, you can definitely do less! The most important part of a beginning is that you feel and look confident, and if you feel ridiculous circling for so long, chances are you look ridiculous as well. The best intros are ones that fit the song and the dancers, so modify yours to fit you!

When to Start the Music?

If it doesn’t make sense for you to start the music before you start walking on (maybe the intro feels too short, maybe you have 2000 miles to walk to get onto the floor), have your music start as you get into place. We generally suggest that the music is playing by the time you start circling, which might mean starting it during your walk. The biggest thing to note is that you want the entrance to the floor to feel like part of the dance, not an overly formalized set up for the dance. Generally having the music playing throughout the whole sequence alleviates any awkwardness and sets the tone for the rest of your performance.