First Dance Lesson

The Box Step with Rotation


No More Square Step

Do We Need to Rotate?

Yes! Remember how sad and square the box step looked in the last video? We want to avoid that by rotating the box. It makes it much more interesting to watch and far more fun to dance.

Which way do we rotate?

In the box, we always want to turn in a counter-clockwise direction. While you can rotate the other way (meaning it’s physically possible) it results in stepping under yourself in a really awkward way. It’s much easier to step into the direction of rotation, and will result in much smoother dancing.

Where do my feet go when we’re rotating?

While it’s very tempting to step outside and around your partner, ideally, you’re stepping underneath your partner’s center (between their feet) when you’re stepping into the forward step. If it feels impossible to do that, just take a smaller step moving forward.